Thursday, October 11, 2007

When can we go back?

It was everything I imagined and so much better!
Paris, the Loire Valley, and Provence-each with their different feeling and style had so much to offer, I could have stayed forever! We had a marvelous time and in the next few weeks I'll try to post a few pictures of each region we visited. The trouble will be narrowing the shots down-we took over 2000 pictures between the two of us! Suffice to say, we are definitely trying to decide how long we have to wait before booking our return tickets!

Mom at Notre Dame in the sunset. We discovered the magic of the lighting early in the morning and at the very end of the day and when the light hit those amazing buildings we couldn't stop taking pictures!

The three graces at the Louvre. We were surprised how much we loved the museum!

Mom and I at Chateau Chenonceau in the Loire Valley. A not to be missed sight!

We are happy to be home and the evening sky last night reminded me of the magnificent beauty we have here in Oregon!

We are plunging into our preparations for the upcoming holidays, so get ready for the biggest Holiday Preview open house ever! Save the date ~ Thurs, Nov 1st, more details to come.


heather said...

Welcome back home! So glad you were able to take this trip.

Sarah said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to more pics and most definitely Nov.1st!!

Joe said...

We were two travelers fortunate enough to meet Cheri and Shannon while in France. What fun!
If we didn't live in Minneapolis we'd boogie on over for the Nov.1st open house to experience all of the French inspiration they absorbed while vacationing.
How lucky for all you Poet's Garden Girls that your
devoted and passionate "Retail Dreamweavers" have actually traveled to France and are able to sprinkle it's magic upon you all. Bonjour!
Ken and Meg Hillary Minneapolis, Minnesota