Monday, May 26, 2008


Herb Gardening

Weekend taste testing

Join us at Poet's Garden

Friday and Saturday June 6th and 7th
Open House 10 am to 5 pm

Taste yummy morsels of our favorite herb recipes
Herb plants~ Buy 4 get the 5th one free
It's the pizzazz you've been looking for in your
kitchen and in the garden!

The air was fragrant with a thousand trodden aromatic herbs, with fields of lavender, and with the brightest roses blushing in tufts all over the meadows. . . . ~William Cullen Bryant


Mamaduso said...

My friend and i will be coming to the shop on Saturday the 31st. It is my birthday and I want to make sure you are open. I found your store online and was so excited to find that you were so close to me. (eugene).I have waited a few months before being able to plan this trip.

Heidi said...

Susan~ I'm so glad you will be making it up to see us! Yes, we are open Tues-Sat from 10-5. We'll see you on the 31st!
~Heidi, one of the Garden Girls